Donald Lewis en Horticulture Day: Insect Edition! <p>We sing songs about the itsy-bitsy spider, wish we could be a fly on the wall, and we root for Spiderman. Entomologist Donald Lewis joins this edition of Talk of Iowa.&nbsp; We talk about insects in literature, pop culture and in our every day lives. He and horticulturist Richard Jauron will also answer your questions.</p><p></p> Fri, 29 Mar 2013 16:35:03 +0000 Person: Charity Nebbe 18460 at Horticulture Day: Insect Edition! Horticulture Day: The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug <div><font size="4">We spent the summer battling Japanese Beetles.&nbsp;We’re keeping a watchful eye out for the Emerald Ash Borer, and now&nbsp;there's a&nbsp;new invasive insect to deal with, the brown marmorated stink bug. Host Charity Nebbe talks with Entomologist Donald Lewis about this new pest&nbsp;and the recent reports of it located in&nbsp;Scott County.</font></div> Fri, 19 Oct 2012 16:18:21 +0000 Charity Nebbe 9608 at Horticulture Day: The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Horticulture Day: Spotted Wing Drosophila Fly <p>There’s a new pest in Iowa. The Spotted Wing Drosophila Fly has been sighted in Story County this week. On&nbsp;today's Horticulture&nbsp;Day, host Charity Nebbe&nbsp;talks with Iowa State University Extension Entomologist Donald Lewis&nbsp;about&nbsp;the Spotted Wing Drosophila and the threat it poses to fruit crops.&nbsp;</p><p></p> Fri, 07 Sep 2012 16:24:03 +0000 Charity Nebbe 7584 at Horticulture Day: Spotted Wing Drosophila Fly Horticulture Day: Springtails <P>What do you know about spring-tail bugs? Today for Horticulture Day, we discuss these little critters, as well as taking all your gardening and planting questions.</P> Fri, 17 Aug 2012 19:01:40 +0000 Charity Nebbe 6534 at Horticulture Day: Springtails Horticulture Day: Landscaping <p>This summer it&rsquo;s not really a question of making sure that the plants in your landscape thrive, it&rsquo;s a question of making sure that they survive. Host Charity Nebbe talks with Iowa State University&#39;s&nbsp; Extension Entomologist, Donald Lewis, and the Head of the Horticulture Department, Jeff Iles,&nbsp;about ways to reduce the stress on your plants right now and how to design a landscape that demands less water for the future</p> Fri, 27 Jul 2012 14:10:18 +0000 Charity Nebbe 5347 at Horticulture Day: Landscaping Horticulture Day: Insects <p>It&#39;s summer and&nbsp;gardens&nbsp;are buzzing with&nbsp;numerous insects.&nbsp;Host Charity Nebbe talks with&nbsp;Richard&nbsp;Jauron and Donald Lewis&nbsp;from the Iowa State University Extension about&nbsp;how some insects have made an&nbsp;early appearance this year&nbsp;and some&nbsp;upcoming garden&nbsp;deadlines.&nbsp;</p> Fri, 15 Jun 2012 16:20:59 +0000 Charity Nebbe 3243 at Horticulture Day: Insects Hort Day: Insect Revival <p>Insects got a head start this year. On today&#39;s program, it&rsquo;s Horticulture Day. Entomologist Dr. Donald Lewis of Iowa State University will be here. We&rsquo;ll talk about red admiral butterflies, European sawflies and why we&rsquo;re seeing so many moths. Horticulturist Richard Jauron of I.S.U. Extension will also be here to answer your lawn, garden and plant questions.</p> Fri, 27 Apr 2012 16:25:18 +0000 Charity Nebbe 609 at Hort Day: Insect Revival