The Beatles en The Beatles Medley March 9 <p>With A Little Help From Our Friends, this fundraising edition of The Sunday Night Beatles Medley will convince you that money Can't Buy You Love, but it CAN get you great radio programming. All Together Now!</p><p>THE BEATLES-MONEY (THAT'S WHAT I WANT)/CAN'T BUY ME LOVE/8 DAYS A WEEK</p><p>GEORGE HARRISON-TAXMAN</p><p>THE BEATLES-WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS/GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE/ALL TOGETHER NOW</p><p>JOHN LENNON-POWER TO THE PEOPLE</p><p>THE BEATLES-I NEED YOU</p><p>THE BEATLES-FLYING (EXCERPT)</p> Sun, 09 Mar 2014 23:59:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 37040 at The Beatles Medley February 2 <p>The Fabs play live!</p><p>THE BEATLES-I'LL GET YOU/FROM ME TO YOU/SHE LOVES YOU</p><p>JOHN LENNON-BLUE SUEDE SHOES</p><p>THE BEATLES-SHE'S A WOMAN/DIZZY MISS LIZZIE/TICKET TO RIDE</p><p>GEORGE HARRISON-SOMETHING</p><p>THE BEATLES-HELP/EVERYBODY'S TRYING TO BE MY BABY</p> Mon, 03 Feb 2014 00:59:00 +0000 Bob Dorr 35427 at The Beatles Medley September 8 <p>Everything is from the Anthologies!</p> Wed, 28 Aug 2013 22:25:18 +0000 Bob Dorr 28223 at Hearing Voices Christmas Mashup <p>A mix of holiday stories, found-sound, and sampled songs: A bell-ringer at the Mall of America. Holiday history as told by second graders. A trip to the toy store. Carols sung by Zulu children in a South African orphanage. And holiday bits from Bing Crosby, George W. Bush, and The Beatles Fan Club Christmas messages.</p> Tue, 25 Dec 2012 06:00:00 +0000 Charity Nebbe 12620 at Hearing Voices Christmas Mashup