pop culture http://iowapublicradio.org en Washington D.C. - Hollywood’s New Wild West? http://iowapublicradio.org/post/washington-dc-hollywood-s-new-wild-west <p>From the idealistic public servants of "The West Wing" to the conniving anti-heroes of "House of Cards," the portrayal of Washington D.C. in popular culture has changed significantly over the last decade.</p><p>Today on <em>River to River</em> - what shows set in our nation's capital say about our political climate, and what we can and cannot learn from these programs.</p> Wed, 11 Jun 2014 21:16:25 +0000 Emily Woodbury & Katherine Perkins 42071 at http://iowapublicradio.org Washington D.C. - Hollywood’s New Wild West? Fascination with the Idea of "Apocalypse" http://iowapublicradio.org/post/fascination-idea-apocalypse <p>Many of this year’s blockbusters, video games, and books are set in post-apocalyptic worlds - a growing trend in the past few years.</p><p>Today on <em>River To River</em>, we take a look at why this is such a common theme. Host Ben Kieffer talks with Iowans who are prepared to face an apocalyptic scenario, and he sits down with an Iowa Homeland Security representative, to find out how prepared the state of Iowa is for disaster.</p> Mon, 09 Jun 2014 18:56:34 +0000 Ben Kieffer & Emily Woodbury 41922 at http://iowapublicradio.org Fascination with the Idea of "Apocalypse" Politics Day: Iconic Obama http://iowapublicradio.org/post/politics-day-iconic-obama <p>How is Barak Obama represented in popular culture? Ben Kieffer talks with two University of Iowa graduate students who’ve written a book about the 44<sup>th</sup> President as a lens through which we can see not only politics, but also art and music.Then, Donna Hoffman of the University of Northern Iowa with the latest political analysis of the Connecticut school shooting and fiscal cliff negotiations.</p><p></p> Wed, 19 Dec 2012 19:10:41 +0000 Ben Kieffer 12262 at http://iowapublicradio.org Politics Day: Iconic Obama