Corporate Sponsors

Iowa Public Radio’s corporate sponsors understand the importance of supporting the news, talk and music that only IPR can provide.  They also understand the value of reaching the IPR audience with their message.  Hundreds of businesses and organizations from around Iowa and beyond support IPR.  To find out what businesses support IPR in your area, click here.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a sponsor, please download our media kit, and contact our Development team at 515-725-1706 or via email.

The Iowa Public Radio Difference
Listeners trust Iowa Public Radio. By connecting your business to Iowa Public Radio, you are conveying a message of integrity, social responsibility and quality.

An Uncluttered Medium
Our programming doesn’t sound like commercial radio, and our sponsorship messages don’t sound like commercials.  Only 3 to 4 minutes of sponsorship messages air each hour, so your message is more likely to be heard.

A Unique Audience
Our listeners often tell us that they can’t imagine spending a day without Iowa Public Radio.  Their loyalty to IPR means that they’re harder to reach elsewhere.  IPR’s audience includes the educated, affluent and informed consumers and business decision makers that you want to reach.

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